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At Least This

This weekend, I wrote my posts on my iPhone, and it certainly shows when I look back at them. It strikes me that they look more like poetry than prose, with their short paragraphs and consequent lineations and broken right … Continue reading

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Family tasks have filled my weekend–checking in with my parents, alerting the extended family to the latest information about my dad’s health. Which included some writing and more time on the phone. So tonight I will reward myself with the … Continue reading

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Weekend as Usual

The beginning of the semester and the return of the usual patterns. Time at the computer but without writing, though I did draft a paper proposal. So I did write something after all. And some housekeeping, including vacuuming and grocery … Continue reading

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First Friday

Fridays are tough. Office hours in the morning and meetings in the afternoon. Which today meant plenty of the daily writing that can’t count towards the writing quota. And being so exhausted by the time I finished talking to family … Continue reading

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Yesterday, as I was explaining an informal writing assignment to my students, I said that their responses should not be stream-of-consciousness. And I thought about how I write this blog, which is often stream-of-consciousness. I put the thought aside because … Continue reading

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First Day Down

Met with my students today, and they look like a great group. They did a very good job with the timeline and chiming in, even though this is only the first day. US Women since 1890 is a course I … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Beginnings of various sorts seem to be very much on my mind right now. And for good reason. I spent the day in meetings, neither required but both important. Now I’m home after dark, and there are plenty of tasks … Continue reading

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