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What is the role of narrative in your life? It’s essential for me. I use narrative–in the form of novels and film particularly–to refresh myself. In the evenings, I need narrative–in the form of streaming television and movies–in the evenings … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Vet

The dog woke up limping on Sunday. Concerned, I looked at her paw and could find no obvious reason–no thorn, rusty nail, wasp stinger. These were the obvious culprits to suspect now that the snow has melted and such hazards … Continue reading

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When I was a new teacher, I baked cookies for my students every spring when I taught my course about U.S. women in the twentieth century. One year, I even borrowed a vintage apron from a friend to wear over … Continue reading

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Yesterday was one of those days spent on “other” writing, and I could find no other words by the time I had finished. Some of yesterday’s words went into the kind of social correspondence that confronts us after the death … Continue reading

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New England Spring

Yes, I do love spring, almost especially in New England. Perhaps I should explain. Having grown up in Texas, I spent the first twenty-two years of my life experiencing basically two seasons: summer and not. Thus, when I first lived … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Mom and I cleared a lot of clutter while I was home with her. First, she threw away everything related to the cancer. All the bandages and the tape, all the papers with directions for how to administer medications. Out … Continue reading

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Re-establishing the Writing Habit

Daily writing took a back seat to more important things over the past three weeks, but now that I’m back home and in the classroom, I’m hoping to find some solace in returning to the writing. So far today, I’ve … Continue reading

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