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This week, writer Neil Gaiman used a tweet written by a friend of mine as inspiration for a song. There are three related videos on YouTube, two from a live performance and another that illustrates the songwriting process. The live … Continue reading

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I like yesterday’s suggestion from WordPress: It’s okay to alternate between posting daily and posting weekly. The whole principle of flexibility works well, I think, for fostering writing among those who are trying to keep themselves going more than a … Continue reading

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More Rain

Not that I expected to have a chance to work on rose transplanting today. We’ve had rather heavy rain all day, so little opportunity even to go outdoors. And since sunset, thunder showers have begun. So the dog is happily … Continue reading

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On the Necessity of Rose Gloves

They’re not gloves so much as gauntlets. And I really need a pair since I happen to be allergic to rose oil. Pretty annoying for a gardener who loves roses, is slowly building a collection, and has a climber to … Continue reading

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My Dog Ate My Kindle

No really, she did. At least I don’t have to worry about what to write today. And I suppose I can be grateful to her for leading me back to the Talking Heads. Since the groomer calls her “psycho dog,” … Continue reading

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I took the day off even this little bit of writing yesterday for the holiday, which I spent with friends. I baked my usual rosemary bread using a recipe I got from the old Boston Globe magazine fifteen or twenty … Continue reading

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The Other Blog

Today I spent my fifteen minutes (and more) writing for my professional blog, Doing History Digitally. You can read the post here. Meanwhile, more April showers are making the day feel a bit chilly. At least the garden is happy.

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It doesn’t look like I was being too much of a troll by trying my little experiment yesterday. The focus on iPhone storing of geographic information didn’t yield a particularly large number of hits for this blog. Nothing out of … Continue reading

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iPhone Spying

Since I’ve been thinking about audience this week, I’ll use today’s fifteen minutes on an experiment. I’m guessing that giving the post this title will garner a bunch of hits. I’ll post the number tomorrow. The title is not really … Continue reading

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Finding Topics

I’m interested in the support that WordPress offers its PostADay bloggers at various points in the year. Right now, in addition to the daily topic idea, WordPress is focusing on things that might be helpful 100 days in or almost … Continue reading

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