Finding Topics

I’m interested in the support that WordPress offers its PostADay bloggers at various points in the year. Right now, in addition to the daily topic idea, WordPress is focusing on things that might be helpful 100 days in or almost a third of the way through the year. So while yesterday’s suggestions focused on the purpose of your blog and making that transparent to the reader, today’s encourage the blogger to write about what they love or know or have read about.

Fundamentally, I think, today’s suggestions can be boiled down to something like “follow your bliss.” And I like that. I chose to read the full post from which today’s advice was excerpted. It comes from a site called Business2Community, which focuses on using social media for business purposes. There are several posts related to the question of what to blog about, and I clicked to one called “Improve Your Blog. Stop Writing for an Audience!”, which interested me because yesterday’s suggestion focused on audience.

This post related a story about a blog that failed because the author constructed it too narrowly. Beginning from a strong sense of purpose, audience, and focus, the blog became uninteresting to the author, who found it too restrictive.

The story brings up a number of questions for me, and I only have time to list them at the moment.

Teaching as Discovery Draft
Historians as Writers
Writing about Historical Method

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