iPhone Spying

Since I’ve been thinking about audience this week, I’ll use today’s fifteen minutes on an experiment. I’m guessing that giving the post this title will garner a bunch of hits. I’ll post the number tomorrow.

The title is not really a cheat since I started writing the post during a BBC World Service story about the discovery that iPhones and iPads have a tracking program that collects and stores data about where the device has been. I think I started hearing this story yesterday, though I may be mistaken. I do know that I heard it earlier this morning on Morning Edition.

The story broke yesterday with a report in the Guardian. I read about it this morning in Macworld where the story includes a visualization generated by a program produced by researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan. Sadly, the program won’t run on the MacOS version on my machine. Guess I need to upgrade because I would be interested to see my own data mapped out.

The ACLU Blog of Rights reports that iPhone is not the only place data is collected secretly. They also cite a story about changes in Yahoo’s policy on data collection and encourage readers to sign a petition asking companies to support the privacy of users.

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