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Oh, My Aching Back!

Here’s a boring post about how my back continues to twinge uncomfortably when I try to get up from some positions. It remains tender from the lifting I did when I was clearing Mom’s garage. So I’m trying to stick … Continue reading

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Settling In

I got home late Wednesday night, too late to pick up my dog from boarding with her groomer. Since it took me an hour or so to get settled enough to be able to sleep, I didn’t wake until late … Continue reading

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And I’m Home

Okay. I spent just over a week in Austin, celebrating Mom’s birthday (73) and helping her out with a few little tasks. We got together with my cousin Joan, who was born on Mom’s birthday, and Joan’s sister Janet, whose … Continue reading

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On the Road Again

Wow. Two days at home isn’t long enough. I spent the weekend in Philadelphia for a conference, got back early Sunday evening, and now I’m off again. I like travel, but I need at least a week between trips.

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New England Summer

This morning, I feel like I live in New England. Cool overnight, I needed a little more than a light blanket; turning off the ceiling fan was more than I could manage half asleep at 3 a.m. When I took … Continue reading

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Intense Reading

My main task for getting back into the swing of summer work has been reading a book I’ve promised to review. I’m really enjoying it; reading may well be my favorite form of work, though today I found it surprisingly … Continue reading

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Working in the Back Yard

One of my ongoing projects as I transform my back yard into a series of garden spaces involves taking up a huge stretch of tarmac that covers a full third of the space. The previous owners had a large family, … Continue reading

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Yard Work

After the baseball game, I spent about an hour in the back yard. A pile of branches had been waiting to be bagged and put on the curb for pick-up. Four paper bags and another weeding session later, I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing a couple of things about my garden: the weeds and the need for water. My watering system has been nonfunctional since early spring when the sometime house painter was actually painting my … Continue reading

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Blueberry Muffins

Today’s food of the day. I’m liking the process of finding things in the fridge and cupboard that can become something else. My other process over the past week has been settling back into a routine of sorts. My long … Continue reading

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