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Back to School

Evenings are getting just a bit cooler. The air is less humid in the wake of the storm, and I’m thinking about how I’ll use this last day before classes begin. They were set to begin yesterday, but the storm … Continue reading

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Things I Learned From Irene

The storm window in the living room leaks. The trees need attention. So do the gutters. I would make a lousy Jane Austen character: inadequate inner resources. Over twenty-four hours without electricity is over twenty-four hours too many.

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On Using Gutters to Compost Acorns

It’s probably not a good idea.

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Hurricane Ready

I took the two gallons of water from the shelf just as the man stocked them. I’d gone to the office to close my window, and I’d stopped at the grocery store on the way back. They were out of … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Annoyance of the Day

Oh, the joys of working from home. Please don’t get me wrong. I deeply appreciate the privilege that allows me to rise when I choose and make my own coffee. To type on the sofa, laptop in place, dog nearby. … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Garden

Recently a gardening friend and I checked out our favorite nursery for end-of-season bargains. I don’t know that I got many things on sale, but I definitely found the plants I was looking for. And now, the challenge is to … Continue reading

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Maybe It Was the Earthquake

So, yesterday I was feeling kind of bummed. I sat on the sofa, which is my afternoon writing, reading, whatever space. I wrote in my analog journal, working through my less-than-thrilled attitude towards the fact that classes begin next week. … Continue reading

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