Hurricane Ready

I took the two gallons of water from the shelf just as the man stocked them. I’d gone to the office to close my window, and I’d stopped at the grocery store on the way back. They were out of D batteries.

I picked up pet food and milk. I’m hoping the power won’t go out.

I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to storm frenzy. My cynicism is born–of course–of the sensationalism of local and weather news, which I never watch. Hear enough cries of “Wolf!” and eventually you stop paying attention to the boy, right?

And I’ve lived through plenty of storms–hurricanes, blizzards, nor’easters.

But having heard Bloomberg is evacuating New York City gives me more than a bit of pause. The forecasters seem to be pretty confident this time around.

And they expect the winds to be blowing pretty hard during this storm.

So I’ll pick up the gardening tools and empty plant containers lying around in the back garden. And I’ll do my best to tie down the garden furniture.

Now, where did I leave those bungee cords?

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