Back to School

Evenings are getting just a bit cooler. The air is less humid in the wake of the storm, and I’m thinking about how I’ll use this last day before classes begin.

They were set to begin yesterday, but the storm knocked out power at the college for several days. So we’re beginning two days late. I’ve already made that adjustment in the syllabus for each of my classes. And now, the last day of my summer is underway.

As I look around my house and garden, I notice possible tasks, and I set many of them aside as ones that will be better taken on as weekend projects. The ones that I will do today are the ones that will facilitate efficiency as the semester begins.

So the washing machine and dryer do their work, and I think about what really needs doing most.

I was more resourceful during the power outage than I admitted. I focused particularly on getting the spare room in order.

This room has been serving as an unplanned dressing room for the past several years, and for a few weeks now I’ve been working on developing that function more explicitly. I bought a metal clothing rack at about half price, thanks to This Old House deals of the day. And I’ve moved a lot of things out of the dark, unpleasant, too small closet and onto the new rack.

As I write this, I’m rethinking the arrangement of the room’s furniture–rack included–and realizing I’ll probably spend much of the day moving things around in there. Once I’ve made the rest of the needed syllabus tweaks.

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