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Rainy October Morning

The heat is on for good now. High temperatures are now predicted in the 40s and 50s (F) for the coming week, so fall is definitely here. And winter is on the way. It’s all to the good. There can … Continue reading

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Extreme Writing

When I told my students about NaNoWriMo, they thought it sounded extreme. One student suggested that the only people who had time for such exercises were people without jobs. Of course, I responded that writers–unless they are very successful indeed–probably … Continue reading

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Long Absence

From home. After having spent the weekend of October 14 on the road to Poughkeepsie and back, I spent the weekend of October 20 driving to State College and back. The leaves are more plentiful and thus more impressive in … Continue reading

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Driving to Poughkeepsie in the Rain

The fall colors are out, however much Irene affected their effect. Since I was driving from Providence to Hartford and thence to Poughkeepsie, I didn’t have to worry about absence of roads in Vermont. There was plenty of rain, sometimes … Continue reading

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Tasks list grows. I tick off few tasks daily. And the list continues to grow.

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Travel Planning

The conferences I’ll be attending for the next few months are more local than those last month. So today I spent some time with maps and directions. And folders and other paraphernalia of planning. Making a new file folder and … Continue reading

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Monday Holiday

The weekend is over. I sit at my desk, having run through the bits of interesting things that filter up through various sites and tools. The dog lies at my feet, asleep. I found new understanding of her cycles of … Continue reading

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