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Couldn’t decide whether today’s words belonged here or on the professional blog. Decided to put them there. I’m really proud of having taken the time to write those words. I had the idea for them while I was driving to … Continue reading

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That Time of the Semester

When I told my students last week about how November means that the semester is two-thirds over, they whimpered. Today I handed out assignments for final papers. Whimper.

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Fall Back

I love the return to standard time every fall. I’ve been complaining this year about how the switch from the familiar last Sunday in October to a date that makes trick or treating something that doesn’t happen in the dark … Continue reading

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No number for today because I just want to reflect on the process and the way that the slides are and are not working. I’ve been thinking of them as something I would like to have playing as people enter … Continue reading

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It’s quite beyond me how anyone could write 1,667 words in a day. At a rate of 250 words per page, that’s getting on for seven pages, and I know people who force themselves to write four pages a day … Continue reading

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Not a lot. Focus for today was on concept. A series of slides that will loop continuously while people enter the room.

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Today’s words are here. So far, I’m short about a day’s worth of words. I’m interested in how 50,000 words over 30 days (1,667 words) seems to be about double my comfortable output level. Hmmmm….

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