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Immersion, Extraction, Re-Centering

I spent the weekend at a conference for historians, and as I walked away from the conference hotel to catch the shuttle to the airport, I found myself thinking about the processes involved in this thoroughly enjoyable social and intellectual … Continue reading

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Day 2

I wish there were a principle opposite to entropy. I chose that word for yesterday’s title because I can see the effects of entropy all around me.  The state of my home has deteriorated in way that surely is attributable … Continue reading

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The idea behind my creating this blog a while back was to develop a daily writing habit.  Family emergencies and traumas and dramas have intervened, and I take that to mean that the habit was not yet firmly enough established … Continue reading

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Finding a Way Forward

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted either here or on my professional blog.  Part of the reason might be preoccupation with my day job.  Another might be the challenge of finding my voice again after a bout of … Continue reading

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Spring Break

Getting back to daily writing after having lost the habit for a while.  I’m working steadily on marking papers and spring cleaning and organizing the house.  Such a big pile to dig out from under. I’ve scheduled tasks for every … Continue reading

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As I walk to my office on teaching days, I notice the crocuses sprouting again. In my back garden, the witch hazel is in full bloom, and the daffodils are showing green sprouts. And I am finding my voice again. … Continue reading

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I Wrote Today!

The past weeks have been pretty dark, and not only on my blogs.  Yesterday, I attended a presentation that inspired me to write this morning. “Just around the corner, there’s a rainbow in the sky….”* _____ *Irving Berlin, “Let’s Have … Continue reading

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Falling Behind

This isn’t good.  The weekend passed without my having written here.  Surely the exhaustion factor can’t be setting in so early on.

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Friday Night

Never would have believed I’d be living for the weekend.

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Muddling through the Middle

Wednesday of the first week.  Much organizing.

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