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Immersion, Extraction, Re-Centering

I spent the weekend at a conference for historians, and as I walked away from the conference hotel to catch the shuttle to the airport, I found myself thinking about the processes involved in this thoroughly enjoyable social and intellectual … Continue reading

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Finding a Way Forward

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted either here or on my professional blog.  Part of the reason might be preoccupation with my day job.  Another might be the challenge of finding my voice again after a bout of … Continue reading

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Privilege and Its Loss

Living without partner or children is such a huge privilege. At one point several years ago, a neighborhood boy who was helping me with garden chores expressed astonishment that I had my whole house to myself. I have understood for … Continue reading

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Probate and Passports

Well, this is unexpected. A call purporting to be in reference to my dad’s medical bills, seeking to contact his estate. Being a smart cookie, I referred him to the attorney who is handling probate, then promptly called an aunt … Continue reading

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Dad’s Birthday

Whatever the national or international news, today is Dad’s birthday. He would have been seventy-six today. So young.

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Re-establishing the Writing Habit

Daily writing took a back seat to more important things over the past three weeks, but now that I’m back home and in the classroom, I’m hoping to find some solace in returning to the writing. So far today, I’ve … Continue reading

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Dad’s four years in the United States Air Force were some of the most significant of his life. The eldest of eight children of tenant farmers in Central Texas, Dad traveled for the first time during those years. He trained … Continue reading

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