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Immersion, Extraction, Re-Centering

I spent the weekend at a conference for historians, and as I walked away from the conference hotel to catch the shuttle to the airport, I found myself thinking about the processes involved in this thoroughly enjoyable social and intellectual … Continue reading

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Day 2

I wish there were a principle opposite to entropy. I chose that word for yesterday’s title because I can see the effects of entropy all around me.  The state of my home has deteriorated in way that surely is attributable … Continue reading

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Recently I wrote a post about gamification, suggesting the possibility of using badges as rewards for things like daily writing and dishwashing.  (Which reminds me of Girl Scouts and leads me to wonder whether my sash still exists somewhere in … Continue reading

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Reflections on Resolutions

Even though an article in yesterday’s New York Times focused on goals like exercise, weight loss, and quitting smoking rather than either daily writing or housekeeping tasks, I found it useful. The author, John Tierney, focused on willpower and strategies. … Continue reading

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