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Dog Writing

I’m not likely to become a writer about dogs, even though I love mine. But this morning I read a wonderful little essay in the New York Times that reminded me how much I love reading what other people write … Continue reading

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Garden Accomplishments: Saturday

Like Dick Cavett, I’m tired of 9/11 rehashes. So, a list of things I did in the garden yesterday: Moved trellises from a place where they’re little noticed to the edge of my rock patio where they will provide an … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Garden

Recently a gardening friend and I checked out our favorite nursery for end-of-season bargains. I don’t know that I got many things on sale, but I definitely found the plants I was looking for. And now, the challenge is to … Continue reading

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Land Envy

Some of my friends and family own land outside of cities. Some plan to retire there; some work their land now. I suppose, I could say that I work my own land in a way since I have planted many … Continue reading

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Weedy and Dry

That’s my garden this early August noon. Not nearly as hot as my mother’s backyard in Texas, but neglected nonetheless. The grass is overgrown, the weeds are maturing, and some of the plants need more than a soaking to perk … Continue reading

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Intense Reading

My main task for getting back into the swing of summer work has been reading a book I’ve promised to review. I’m really enjoying it; reading may well be my favorite form of work, though today I found it surprisingly … Continue reading

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April is the Cruelest Month

Or so a former Provost used to say. Hannah was referring to the way that all the event planning we’ve done all year can lead to a truly over scheduled final month of the semester. I’m thinking more about the … Continue reading

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