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Day 2

I wish there were a principle opposite to entropy. I chose that word for yesterday’s title because I can see the effects of entropy all around me. ┬áThe state of my home has deteriorated in way that surely is attributable … Continue reading

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Yard Work

After the baseball game, I spent about an hour in the back yard. A pile of branches had been waiting to be bagged and put on the curb for pick-up. Four paper bags and another weeding session later, I’m feeling … Continue reading

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I hate it. No, really. And I have been doing it for days on end. Days. Of course, I realize that all of this would be many times easier if I did a little bit every day. But I really … Continue reading

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When I was a new teacher, I baked cookies for my students every spring when I taught my course about U.S. women in the twentieth century. One year, I even borrowed a vintage apron from a friend to wear over … Continue reading

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My blue socks are lost. The pair I knitted myself. They seem to have disappeared into that alternate universe on the other side of the dryer. I’m disappointed because I kind of like my blue socks. I miss them. Maybe, … Continue reading

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My dog’s flea problem has me pretty frustrated. It was frustrating enough over the summer, which the groomer told me was particularly bad for fleas because we had such a mild winter in 2009-2010. The problem was still frustrating in … Continue reading

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It’s Joke Day on Prairie Home Companion

And I’ve left the fifteen minutes until after dark. Sunday is newspaper and housekeeping day. My mother would be very disappointed to know that I’ve been doing laundry. Alas. I’m still in the midst of the next-thing moment. Housekeeping of … Continue reading

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