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Six Down

As the beginning again continues, this post marks six on the way to the imagined magical twenty-one. The challenges will increase steadily, as classes begin on Wednesday. Advertisements

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Virtual Posts

Back when I was writing my dissertation and slogging my way to completing the draft, I used to wish that I could just get credit for having had the idea and be done with it. ¬†Aside from the fact that … Continue reading

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January Break

We have a long January break; classes don’t start until the end of the month. Yet the coming three weeks seem inexpressibly short when I think about the many things I would like to accomplish. At the same time, I … Continue reading

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Extreme Writing

When I told my students about NaNoWriMo, they thought it sounded extreme. One student suggested that the only people who had time for such exercises were people without jobs. Of course, I responded that writers–unless they are very successful indeed–probably … Continue reading

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Long Absence

From home. After having spent the weekend of October 14 on the road to Poughkeepsie and back, I spent the weekend of October 20 driving to State College and back. The leaves are more plentiful and thus more impressive in … Continue reading

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PostADay As Writing Habit

Now that we’ve reached the second full week of the academic year, I’m using today’s post as an opportunity to reflect on how I’m doing with the goal I set for myself when I started using PostADay. I set up … Continue reading

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Finding the Muse

Blissfully cool New England summer morning. Thunderstorms over the past week have been repairing the damage done by this year’s unaccustomed July heat. And they have held off until evening most days. Dishes fill my kitchen sink, and my study … Continue reading

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